Mini Orchid

We are one of the UK’s largest producers of Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids and deliver the best quality mini Phalaenopsis in Europe. Popular across the UK for its stunning, long-lasting floral display, the orchid is one of our bestselling indoor plants.

temperature-icon-white Minimum night temp: 16-18 °C
Average daytime temp: 24-30 °F
light-icon-white Avoid direct sunlight
water-icon-white Be cautious of over-watering – once a week is sufficient. Do not let it sit in water
feeding-icon-white Feed your plant once a month. Be careful not to over feed
TOP TIP When the last flower drops, cut your flower spike halfway down the stem, just above the third node. Continue caring for it and wait for a possible re-bloom

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These beautiful bright and bold plants come in a range of colours including a two tone variety. Stunning in both shop displays and summer gardens.

Our core line of Begonias, grown in a 13cm pot, are a steady and dependable pot plant available in a range of colours. We understand that a happy plant is a healthy plant and grow our begonias in the best environmental conditions to ensure long lasting blooms.

temperature-icon 16°C – 24°C
light-icon Can be kept outdoors during the Summer months or indoors in bright conditions
water-icon Keep the plant moist
feeding-icon During Spring and Summer months feed every 2 weeks
 TOP TIP Throw away once all the brightly coloured bracts have finished


We are the largest Poinsettia grower in the UK. We grow 220,000 Poinsettias for the Christmas period using only the best produce available. This year, we will source 650,000 and start planning for the festive stock up to 10 months in advance of when produce will be distributed. Each plant takes around 20 weeks to grow to a finished plant. The perfect Christmas plant, their rich red colour provides a stunning display over the festive season.

temperature-icon 14°C – 16°C
light-icon Lots of light is ideal
water-icon Do not let the plant stand in water. Allow to dry reasonably between each watering
feeding-icon Feed your plants once a month but do not overdo it
 TOP TIP Throw away once all the brightly coloured bracts have finished


Popular for their mass of beautiful blooms, Azaleas are a popular Spring plant also available in a two season variety which flower in both Spring and Autumn.

Our strong relationships with European growers enable us to give our UK clients access to some of the best quality Azaleas in the market. We trade both 12cm and 14cm pot Azaleas.

temperature-icon 17°C – 22°C
light-icon Indirect or diffused sunlight
water-icon Keep the plant evenly moist. Do not allow the plant to dry our or stand in water
TOP TIP Deadhead any faded blooms once they have finished flowering for repeat blooms
Pink cyclamen


This Autumn plant will brighten up a your home during chillier months! Our cyclamen are available from September to March and can also be planted outdoors in hanging baskets or window boxes. Cyclamen will happily grow outdoors under a tree or on a shady bank and will come back year on year adding a welcome burst of colour to your garden. They are reliable and easy to care for – the perfect low maintenance house or patio plant.

temperature-icon 12°C – 16°C (down to 0°C for outdoor varieties)
light-icon Avoid direct sunlight
water-icon Keep the plant moist in well drained soil
feeding-icon During Spring and Summer months feed every 2 weeks
 TOP TIP Remove dead flowers to prolong blooms. Avoid heat and keep plants cool for best results

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